Communiquer avec humour… la formule magique

The ‘re Quebecers love to laugh, comedy shows are popular for several years. From Ti-Gus and Ti-Mousse, for the older ones, to Arnaud Soly via Martin Matte and Stéphane Rousseau, comedians are among the artists whose audience’s love rating has not weakened since the start of the pandemic. Many are present on social networks failing to present their show indoors, and some make us laugh incredibly. A morale booster in a pandemic!

I was reading a very interesting article in a European magazine recently on advertising and humor in general. Since dealerships spend large budgets on advertising each year, I’ll give you a rough outline.

Fact: Brands need to strike a balance to avoid being overly invasive and disruptive while delivering a message that captures the target’s attention. The advertising message must therefore be entertaining and light while being interesting. To succeed in capturing the consumer’s attention, he must distill an emotion that titillates his brain. And what better than laughter to interest and relax. Laughter decreases stress and promotes memorization. Humor is a tool that energizes communication and creates a bond between the brand and the customer. Put simply, the consumer sees your message, finds it funny, associates the feeling of joy with your brand and likes you! As far as your humor pleased him …

Humor remains, in general, a good way to communicate. The hyperconnected generation of Millennials are used to and even favor ads, as long as they are “native” (a type of ad that harmonizes with the content it is in).

There are several types of humor: dark, sarcastic, absurd, unusual, provocative … As with any communication action, you must first know your target in order to offer them a humor that suits them.

For example, the hotel chain Hilton had placed small posters under the beds where customers could read “yes, we also clean under the bed”. We must admit that it makes you smile. One of the first car dealerships that comes to mind is Volkswagen Popular which, a few years ago, had a campaign in a humorous tone by focusing its advertising on the differentiating elements of the dealership. Outdoor and web billboards with messages « we have the largest parking lot in the Plateau », « The most German corner of the Plateau », « At the corner of the two not one-way streets of the Plateau »; very different from popular vehicle model campaigns with price and interest rate.

Adopt your humor to your audience but also to your image by using your tone. Small, simple concepts that catch the eye. The consumer will not hesitate to take a photo or share on the networks. Feedback guaranteed!

We know the consumer loves the little touches and personalization, why not add a touch of humor?

Laughter is unique to human beings; even if some little hairy animals have facial expressions that resemble laughter, humans have a monopoly on laughter! Build customer loyalty and communicate with humor!

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